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Written by Ish Laos

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Google Mobile Search Results Are Now Highlighting the Mobile Friendly Websites.


Summary: Google is now letting searchers know how to stay away from desktop sites by labeling the mobile friendly ones. Why?  Because they want to continually produce the best search results and stay ahead of Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.



We’re living in a society accustomed to instant gratification. When we’re in need of information, we expect it to be at our fingertips. You’re looking for an Italian restaurant located within a mile of where you’re currently standing?  Read on

3 Things That Belong on the Front Page of Your Website


There are a few essential items every website should have in order to capture the attention of viewers. Large, robust images are always the first attention-getters. It's what makes viewers decide whether or not they want to stick around longer. Strong branding such as catchy logo serves the purpose of staying fresh in your mind even after leaving your website.   read on...

Unethical Website Designer and how to avoid them


We all have been intrigued by advertisements that offered deals that seemed a little too good to be true. Whether it was a real estate deal or even a business opportunity, we all been burned at some point in our lives. In today’s competitive Internet marketplace, having a well-built website is an asset. The website designer you choose to build your website can add value to your business or devalue your business. It’s important to be able to spot shady website designers; it will save you money and valuable time.


Here are few important things to look out for when searching for a website designer in Atlanta:  read on...


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Top 5 iPhone Apps for the Small Business Owner


As a small business owner, you have so many hats to wear and so many balls to juggle. Worrying about your everyday tasks and responsibilities really puts the little things on the backburner. As an Atlanta small business website designer, I can attest that if it weren't for all the helpful new apps on my phone, a lot of my taskes would slip through the crack. iPhone apps can really save you time throughout the course of a day. However, there are so many apps to choose from, it can be mind-boggling trying to figure out which app to download. Here are 5 great iPhone apps that will not only help you increase productivity, but it will help you save a few extra minutes in your day. read on...

How Videos Can Enhance Your Search Engine Visibility


Small business owners are discovering the benefits The Power of Videos for Search Engine Visibilityof creating web marketing videos and video blogs. For one, it is a great way to give your search engine visibility a major boost. In this post, I’m going to share a few helpful tips on how you can improve your web presence and build your audience with videos.


Web Marketing Videos Do Not Have to Be High-End or Expensive


Many people seem to think they have to spend a fortune in order to have a professional video made. This is simply not the case. You don’t have to hire a commercial casting director and the best film crew in order to produce a high-quality web marketing video. You can use virtually any updated video camera, PC or mobile device. read on...



How Do You Know When It's Time To Redesign Your Website?


How can you tell when your website is hurting for a redesign?  One tell tale sign could be the fact that you're even taking interest in this article. But let's dig a little deeper than the flat out obvious.


"Even websites that were at one point popular and successful could over time, dry out and lose it's luster, leaving it ineffective and outdated."  


Just like everything else, the web is constantly changing. At one point or another, your website will have to be redesigned in order to stay atop of what your competition's new site looks like. But how can you tell when that time is right?



Your site appears old or outdated visually


A long time ago when your site was made, there simply didn't exist the technology that exists today. There have been a lot of game changers that have now become the standard in today's websites.

Website aesthetics and designs are constantly evolving; It's more than what you see visually.  Users then get used to certain aesthetics based on improvements in design, function and visual trends. They then "expect" this when they visit your site. If your website is stuck in "yesteryear" it may spark an unfair assumption about your company. read on...



  Why Blogs Matter to Small Businesses


If you are not blogging and you run a small business, you should perhaps take a few minutes to read this. I will try to skip all the malarchy and get to the good points.


Blog Stereotypes (Yes, we have them)

We all have our premonitions when we hear the word, "blog." Most people regard them as boring, especially to write one.

But think about how many times you opened up a browser to do a search on how to do something, a tutorial, or finding out how something works.

You have probably read some pretty darn good articles which precisely answered all the questions you had prior to starting your search.



Those articles were probably not articles at all. They were probably blogs, written by an individual who partakes in writing blogs frequently on similar subjects.

That individual's blog was then founded by you, and used efficiently to get the answers you were looking for to start with.

You could probably say without any hesitation that that "blogger" knew exactly what they were talking about. You may even go as far as to calling them an "expert" in their respective field. read on....


Authored by Ish Laos

Google Authorship Markup:  Get Your Picture in Searches


Did you ever notice how some people have their profile picture displayed right next to their search result?  Ever wonder how they did that?


It's a new (well, not so new now) feature by Google. It's called Google Authorship Markup or better known as a "rich snippet."

The idea behind it was to give authors or blog writers the credit they deserve for writing the article you stumbled across. Why you ask?  As you may also know, plagiarism runs rampant all over the Internet. A lot of it is due to all of the pressure to make more content for your website so you can ultimately rank higher in your respective field. Read on...


10 Essentials to Every Small Business Website


A simple search for a local contractor could yield you a string of really bad, unprofessional websites. These design flawed, outdated websites may be enough to lose a prospect to a more professional looking one.



Bad design or not, there are certain criteria every small business website design should have in order to give the prospect exactly what they came looking for. More importantly, there should  be enough reasons for that visit to result into at the very least a phone call, or an on line form to be filled out.... read on


Why Do it Yourself Websites Will Cost You in the End


Nowadays, we are bombarded with do-it yourself website commercials all over television. A simple click here, a simple click there, and your website is now done!  Shut down your laptop and go run your business!



Wait, are you still on the fence? (Geez) Well, keep watching!  They then hook you with the promise of being found on-line. Your website will be found on the first page of Google!  Say no more, just take my money already!  Here are the facts: These giant companies spend millions on advertising and generate profits based on volume. They charge what they call "a small monthly fee."  Now take that small monthly fee and multiply it by hundreds of thousands of people nationwide and you have yourself a large enterprise who only sees you and your business as a ticket number. The money they make is residual and they are basically running on auto-pilot. read on....


Authored by Ish Laos

Top 5 Free SEO Tools Every Business Owner Should Know About


If you were to go see a doctor, how strange would it be if the doctor just handed you a bunch of prescriptions before he/she even gave you an examination?  Yet that is what often happens when we try to make our website search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. The key to success is to first diagnose where your website is falling short, or lacking. Fortunately for us, there are some wonderful free tools out there to help us do just that. Wait… Did I mention they were FREE?


What I want to do is share with you some of my favorite tools that I use whenever I want to evaluate a client’s website. While researching your own website, it is important to know who your toughest competitor is as well. That is, which competitor of yours is ranked higher in Google searches. Go ahead, do a test. Go to Google and enter in the keywords that your prospects are most likely to enter in order to find your website. read on...


Official Google SEO Starter Guide Download


 Have you ever wondered what Google themselves have to say about Search Engine Optimization?  Not many people know that they have actually released a handy publication to guide you in the right direction. Educate yourself on the do's and don'ts of search engine optimization practices for your website.


Authored by Ish Laos




Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394 Website design services in Atlanta GA.   Webstuffguy.com 678-542-4394

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