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Marketing Videos

Think of a marketing video as a commercial for your business. It allows people to get an inside glimpse of why your company is different from the rest.


What Marketing Videos Can Do For Your Business

People Love Videos & So Does Google!

Personal Interaction

Web marketing videos create a more personal interaction between a business and it's customers. They allow potential consumers to connect with the actual people with whom they will be interacting.

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Boost Search Engine Rankings

Quality marketing videos are a proven method to boost search rankings when placed on search engines with strong keywords and tag-lines. The video receives recognition and your message, product or brand is promoted.

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Reach Customers Quickly

Videos provide quick information visually. Customers are better able to understand what a business offers and are more likely to remember your video and respond positively. You can also include your video in an email blast.

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Describe Your Service or Product in Detail

Marketing videos allow you as an expert to give your customers an exclusive look at your product or service in detail. Many people prefer watching a video instead of taking the time to read the information.

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Share Your Videos on Social Media
Sharing your videos on social media help boost your customer engagement. Create a more personal interaction between your business and it's customers. This allows potential customers to connect with the actual people they will be interacting with.
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The videos can appear in search and social media results in addition to your website. They link back to your website, sending you more traffic, which in turn boosts your search rankings more. Videos also present you as an expert in your field, building trust with clients.
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Our Customers Say

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"There are website makers and then there are website creators who are innovative, artistic, and polished. Ish has designed and created numerous email blast campaigns; designed, built, and maintained websites; and has handled most of my IT issues over the years with a high degree of professionalism and style. Best of all, he immerses himself in all his work with the goal of creating a masterful piece that anyone would be proud to share."
Larry H
Larry H
Owner of Hughes Dry Professional Carpet Care
"My office used to have a large national company help us with our website and marketing of it. We were unsatisfied with their results. We hired Ish of He is there with us when we have questions, he is dedicated to our firm in getting the most out of our website. Our business on the web had increased threefold since we hired him. I highly recommend his services!"
Richard B
Richard B
Blevings & Hong Law Firm
"I am Lisa from Lisa's Natural Home Cleaning. Let me tell you that I truly owe part of my success to all the efforts has put into not only making me a beautiful website (which I get complimented on all the time) but also landing me on page one for Google. 50% of my calls come from Google and I owe all of that to If you have any questions you could reach me at 678-898-9253"
Lisa S
Lisa S
Owner Lisa's Natural Home Cleaning
"I enjoyed working with The entire process was very informative and easy. It helped me to understand what was important for my website and what makes it more professional looking. Thank you for all of your help, guidance and expertise. Awesome job!!!!!"
Timothy C
Timothy C
Whitestar Enterprises

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