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About Keyword Density Checker

Back at the start of Google’s popularity, websites that mentioned a specific keyword would rank higher for using it as much as possible. This process, which became known as keyword stuffing, was great for your search engine rank but awful for the user experience. That’s why Google created algorithms to punish this process rather than reward it. A keyword density checker will check the density of a keyword to ensure that you get the ranking that you want without using the keyword stuffing practice. This tool can help you make sure that you get the optimal amount of keywords in to get the best ranking and while still offering great content.

Using a free keyword density checker is so important for your SEO because it ensures that you don’t get punished for keyword stuffing

The general goal is to have a keyword density of between 1% and 2%. With a free keyword checker, you are able to see how much of a specific keyword that you are using so that you can adjust your keyword density to get to the optimal numbers. Your website and its content need to be right in that sweet spot in order to get the most of your keywords. With the right keyword density, you can rank higher on search engines and get more attention to your website. That’s why a free keyword density checker is so important for you.

Our free keyword density checker is an easy-to-use tool that helps you check your content to make sure that you are at the optimal keyword density percentage. If figuring out what the best keyword phrase would be for somone in your industry, why not give our Atlanta SEO experts a call? We can come up with a keyword phrase strategy plan and show you how to implement it today.