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About Server Status Checker

Have you visited a website and are uncertain if they are having issues or if you are?

A server status checker is a tool that tests a website to check the status, to see whether or not the website is online. You will get a code back using these tools, which helps you to see exactly what is going on with the specific websites you are looking up.

You can also get valuable information such as the response time from the website, allowing you to see how fast or slow the website is running. If you are just visiting a website, this helps you to see if the problem is on your end or it’s the website’s problem.

If you are visiting a website and noticing issues, this is a tool that can help you to determine if you need to find a fix for the problem because it’s on your end or if the website itself is having issues. However, a free server status checker is more beneficial to website owners to make sure that their website is always running at optimal levels of performance.

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This is especially true as you grow your website

Whatever the reason is, the best solution can be using a free server status to check on a website to get the information that you need.  With our free server status checker, you can input up to 10 URLs so that you can check the server status of each website. You will get a code that will offer information about the website status as well as the response time.