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When talking about URL encoding, this refers to encoding specific characters into a URL. There are reserved characters, which have special meanings to them. With URL encoding, you are able to let these reserved characters maintain the reserved purpose. This is a process that you should always go through whenever you add on any special characters outside of their typical content. This can be a difficult process to manage on your own, which is why using a free URL encoder/decoder can be the best approach if you are attempting to do this.That- or look for the Atlanta SEO services of a reputable company today. 

This free URL encoder/decoder tool exists to help people with this process, without the risk of human error that can occur when attempting this manually.

Also known as “percent encoding”, there is a specific purpose for using this process

This allows you to change a string on the URL so that it follows the specification by Uniform Resource Locators. There is a URL specification that says only a small number of characters are able to be used within a URL structure. Any offending characters will need to be replaced with a %, then is followed by a two-digit hexadecimal value which will represent the character in the ISO set of characters. Failure to do so will mean that there can be a problem that you encounter when passing information through the URL.
Our free URL encoder/decoder tool is easy-to-use and gives you the perfect URL encoder/decoder to help you accomplish this task. This tool will help you avoid the human error that can occur during this process, which can negatively impact your website.