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About Word Counter

A free word counter tool is necessary to check the word count or character count of your text. You can edit this text within the file, allowing you to get your updated count as you go. This can be an essential tool for a variety of reasons, especially if you are a content creator that needs to stick to very restrictive word and character counts. You may think that this isn’t a necessary tool with word count features like the ones found on Word or Google Docs. But there is a specific place for this type of tool. 

This is an essential tool that people can use to keep track of their word count when you’re not using an application like Microsoft Word that offers a word count or character count feature. These tools are easy to use and gives you an accurate count for you. This can also be a useful tool because it can help you better assess how many words you can type within a specific time period.

Count the Characters in Your Article

There are a few reasons why you need this tool. For one thing, you may need to accurately monitor the text that you are using on a website, such as if you need to write a title that is under 70 characters for SEO purposes. As a student, you may need to stay within a strict guideline for the text of your assignment. Content writing is not for all. If you are struggling on content writing, we have expert content writers that can help you today. 

Our free word counter tool is the perfect tool for bloggers/content writers, students, teachers, and for any other purpose where you need to have an accurate count for your words or characters used.