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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML sitemaps are essential to a website because this allows Google and other search engines to easier identify the different pages of your website. The XML sitemap is submitted to the different search engines so that they are able to effectively and easily crawl and index your website.

However, this is more than just showing off the active pages on your website and telling the search engines where to look. This is also important to show the search engines which pages have been recently updated or are most likely to be changed. You can even create a crawl priority to lead search engines to where you want them to go. Not everyone understands what a sitemap is, and if you are unsure, you should reach out to an experienced SEO agency who handles these types of technical SEO regularly. 

The XML sitemap is crucial to your website’s SEO

The point of the sitemap is to let search engines know everything that they need to know about your website. It lets search engines know about any new webpages that you have added to your website as well as any pages that were recently updated. With an XML sitemap, you can make sure that any new or recently updated content can quickly get indexed and assists search engines to identify the origination of your content in case your content is syndicated elsewhere.

Creating an XML sitemap can be extremely complex, which is why a free XML sitemap generator can be exactly what you need.

Our free XML sitemap generator is very easy-to-use, where you just need to fill out the form and let our generator work its magic. After using our free XML sitemap generator, you will notice a significant improvement in your SEO.