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About our Company


We are a small web design/digital marketing agency who are fully invested into our clients. Most of our clients are people who have mastered their craft, but are now facing new adversities, such as how to market their services, and how to be discovered on Google Searches.

No matter what race, creed, religion or belief, our clients all have one thing in common: They have a skill that is in high demand, and they are looking to market their services.

Whether you build houses, run a daycare center, or own a law firm, our digital marketing agency offers all the tools to make you successful.

You’ve worked very hard to get to where you are today. All of your years of experience, however, did not prepare you for this side of the business. We understand how difficult it could be to serve your clients while also trying to run your business.

At, we can help alleviate that stress. Let us partner with you to manage your online presence through many of the services we offer.

Although you may think of us as just another Atlanta website design company, we offer so much more than just websites.  We offer affordable solutions to help any company attain their online goals. You may just be starting your journey, or you may have been around for years, but things have gone stale.

“Your goals should be out of reach, but never out of site" – Felicity Luckey

One-on-One Support
No support tickets here. Our clients enjoy the spoils of immediate responses whenever they have an issue or a burning question.
Awesome Team
Our team members are specialists in their positions and we have hand-picked the best team out there!
Atlanta Website Design company-
We Are a Small Firm
You'll never feel like a customer # with us. We are always a phone call, email or even a text message away!

Our Vision

We want to help business owners grow online while they focus on what got them there to begin with. We want to be that team member for every company who's only purpose is handle their online presence.

Our Value Statement

Our priority is to always be honest with our clients. When something is too good to be true, we let them know it. We will never take advantage of a client's lack of knowledge when it comes to creating a website, or bringing in more traffic to their website. We believe that you reap what you sow. For that reason, we always try to look at things from the perspective of the client, and not from our own.
Atlanta Website Designer Ish Laos

Meet Ish Laos

My name's Ish. Thanks for visiting our website. In particular, thank you for wanting to learn more about us. I was born in Lima, Peru, but came to the States at a very early age. I grew up in New Jersey and then moved to Atlanta in the early 2000's. 

I used to always wonder what I was going to do when I grew up- I had no idea. I was always creative though, as I was always good at drawing and had creative hands for sculpting. When I was a child, I remember way back when we used to have VCR's. I used to record my favorite cartoon shows, anything from Woody Woodpecker, Tom & Jerry, Disney, He-man, you name it. 

I would then hit the pause button during any scene I admired, and then I would sit down in front of my TV and start to draw. I remember always being forewarned that I was going to go blind sitting so close to the TV. Ummm, that ended up being a fable. Anyway, I would draw exactly what I saw on the screen, and remember getting so much joy out of it. 

I was also a huge baseball fan. While the Yankees were hands down my favorite team, I was familiar with every team and all their best players. This was during the 80's, so we are talking Reggie Jackson, Willie Randolph, Don Mattingly, Goose Gossage and more. 

Apart from drawing, I would take time to write baseball stories. My stories involved an actual baseball game. It would be like just watching a game being announced by Howard Cosell. "The batter takes a swing, strike one!" Each chapter was a full inning, until the game was over. "How weird was that?" I ask myself now. 

Fast forward to my late 20's when I was still trying to figure out my life. I worked for a carpet cleaning company, ended up hurting my back and was forced to work internally inside the office. 

My great boss at the time was looking for a new website. He had a program called "Windows Front Page." It was a software made for building web pages, but he had no idea how to use it, nor the time to figure it out. He put me in charge of it and I instantly fell in love! I knew then I wanted to be a website designer. 

While website design ended up becoming my full time gig, my clients were never really satisfied with just having a website. They wanted to know why their competitors were number one on Google searches, and why they weren't. 

Well, I had absolutely no idea why, and didn't even know what to tell them. It was then I decided to focus on what's now known as "Search Engine Optimization," or "SEO."

And here we are today. It's me, and a great team of talented individuals who all know their role, as we work hard to help our customers become number 1!

Hear Our Clients
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There are website makers and then there are website creators who are innovative, artistic, and polished. Ish has designed and created numerous email blast campaigns; designed, built, and maintained websites; and has handled most of my IT issues over the years with a high degree of professionalism and style. Best of all, he immerses himself in all his work with the goal of creating a masterful piece that anyone would be proud to share.
Larry H.
Business Owner
My office used to have a large national company help us with our website and marketing of it. We were unsatisfied with their results. We hired Ish of He is there with us when we have questions, he is dedicated to our firm in getting the most out of our website. Our business on the web had increased threefold since we hired him. I highly recommend his services!
Thank you Ish! For seven years you have developed, maintained and updated our website - keeping us at the forefront of our industry. A solid web site is key to maintaining our strong presence in our field and your talents creating our website have been invaluable. Thanks again!`
David B.
Business Owner
"Working with Ish has been an ultimate pleasure. Not only has Ish been 100% responsive, but he has gone above and beyond in every aspect of his services. His timeliness and communication efforts are unmatched. I have never had anything left "on the back burner" with Ish. He was able to provide me with assistance, help, an update, or just a simple response in under 20 minutes - EVERY time I reached out to him!
Alexandria F.
Business Owner
Hace poco pedi el favor Al senor Ismael, que disenara para mi una paguina Web para mi Empresa, y la verdad estoy muy contenta con sus servicios la verdad fue muy profesional y intelectual. Si tienen alguna pregunta por favor sientace libre De llamar,mi cel: 404_952_5534.
The skill and knowledge of is exactly what my business needed. They address all of my web needs with a quick turnaround and keep me posted on all work performed. With I feel like I have a partner, and not just a vendor. Thanks Ish.
Andre L
Business Owner
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