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Client Testimonial Services

Client Testimonial Services

Obtaining positive client testimonials can be difficult. Why? First, you send out the requests to your clients, then try to direct them where you want them to go, then following up with them to make sure they completed it. Who has that much time during their busy day to address each one!?

We do! We have come up with fail-proof solutions to successfully obtain positive testimonials from your past clients. With just a little information provided by you, we can do the rest of the work. As an Atlanta Website Design professional, find out how we can make your client testimonials work for you!

How do we help?
Webstuffguy can help you add a review tool to your website, mobile website, or another convenient media. We know how to request reviews for you and can help you determine the best time to do so. We make it simple by showing them exactly how to leave your review on the site of your choice. We then follow through with reminders.
Reputation Management
One negative review can leave the impression on people will be lasting and in a negative way. However, just because there are negative reviews about your company already, it doesn't mean your online reputation can't be turned around.  We use proven tactics to help cover up bad reviews and push them down the searches.
Delivering your Reviews
Testimonials can be posted on a website, in an email signature, or on review sites and directories that receive a lot of traffic. In fact, such companies as Yelp, Kudzu, and Angie's List have built a business out of encouraging people to rate businesses and write testimonials. Many such sites now hold top spots in search results, and having a positive review on these sites can essentially push your website to page one through their directory listing.
Good Reviews Bring Good Customers
One of the first things potential customers do today is check on a company's review and ratings. They typically will pick the higher rated company as they feel this is an excellent way to gauge who they will be dealing with. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take advantage of reviews, testimonials, ratings, and recommendations for your business.

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